Credit Insurance

Credit insurance protects your business against the risk of bad debts. Trade debtors can represent up to 40% of a company’s assets, so bad debt can ruin an otherwise profitable business.

Often referred to as trade credit insurance or trade debtor insurance, this type of cover protects a company from the risk of non-payment after its goods or services are delivered to another business.

Most policies can also give you access to financial information on your customers, allowing you to develop relationships with only the most successful and financially secure businesses.


Domestic whole turnover credit insurance

To protect your business turnover against insolvency and default by customers in the UK

Export credit insurance

To protect your export turnover

Catastrophe cover

Sometimes called ‘excess of loss’ or ‘stop loss’ cover, suitable for companies with significant turnover


The Benefits of Credit Insurance

  • Provides a safety net against the non-payment of a trade debt
  • Allows the insured to trade confidently with existing and new customers
  • Monitors the financial health of your key customers on a regular basis
  • Assists in the collection of overdue accounts
  • Delivers prompt replacement of working capital
  • Provides known bad debt reserve

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