If you’re straying from the confines of a well-facilitated camping site, you need to make sure you’re ready for anything. After all it’s one thing to chance it with the weather, but another to dice with your health and safety.

Here are 4 items to include in your packing list before heading into the great outdoors:

Radio – Less for catching up on The Archers and more for keeping up to date with any potential disasters in the making, such as extreme weather. Solar powered or wind-up models are best as you don’t run the risk of running out of batteries, assuming you’ve remembered to pack them.

Alcohol – Not just a staple for the less-enthusiastic camper, spirits can also act as an antiseptic substitute and have the added benefit of an indefinite shelf life. The stronger the better – in both cases, depending on your outlook on sleeping outside.

GPS – Countless explorers have been thrown when their phone signal, and therefore the connection to the only GPS they have at their disposal, is lost. A secondary, purpose-built GPS device will always be handy for remote locations.

Torch – Again, it’s best not to rely on your power hungry smartphone as your only source of light, especially as there are just as smart camping tools out there.

The FlashTorch Mini not only lights up the night sky around you, it can even light a fire and cook your tea. Its 2,000 lumens generating enough heat to ignite combustible material, and when it’s stood upright, it can cook meals by heating a small pan.

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