LV= (Liverpool Vicoria)

At LV= we're all about helping people protect and provide for the things they love.  This is something we care passionately about and we hope it shows in the way we work with you.


We do this in a way that combines the trusted behaviours of a mutual with the competitiveness you'd expect from a successful Plc.  We call this being 'sharp with a heart' best in class performance with a human touch.

Being part of a mutual, we do not pay dividends to shareholders. 


This means that we can invest more in making our products competitive and deliver outstanding customer service.  LV= regularly tops service polls and we are delighted to be able to bring these benefits to the broker market.


From Liverpool Victoria to LV=


We may have been looking after people and their needs for a long time, but we know it's important to move with the times.


Our new name recognises our heritage - the L and V representing Liverpool Victoria - while presenting us in a more modern and vibrant light. It's shorter and more memorable, and the equals sign (=) is shows that we are a society of 'equals' – we're owned by our members and have a one member, one vote' approach.

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