Frequently Asked Questions


You will find below some questions which we are often asked. 

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"How can I pay for my insurance?"

You can pay your premium by debit/credit card, by cheque or by BACS using online banking.  We also offer a facility via a third party provider where you can pay your premium by instalments by direct debit from your bank account.


Interest is payable and a minimum premium and terms and conditions apply.  Full details upon request


"How do I make a claim under my policy?"

Most insurers operate a telephone helpline to enable you to report a claim to them directly.  You should refer to your Policy Documents and you will find the claims procedure for your particular insurer.  Otherwise, you can contact our office Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and we will be glad to help.



"Does it cost more to arrange insurance through a broker?"

No, this is a common misconception.  We are not tied to any one insurer and so we can scan the market to find a policy suitable for your needs and at a competitive premium.  Often we find that we can offer a quotation from a particular insurer at a lower price than you could receive directly from the same insurer.  Put us to the test and let us prove it to you




"Do I need Employers Liability Insurance if I employ someone?"


Yes, if you employ anyone - even for one day - you are required by law to have Employers Liability Insurance in place - there are very few exceptions to this law.  The cost of this depends very much on your type of business, but it probably is not as expensive as you think.  Talk to us today and let us advise you




"What is ELTO and how does it affect me?"

ELTO is the Employers Liability Tracing Office and it is a government body set up to keep a record of which Insurance Company provided the Employers Liability for an Employee at a particular time.  We can explain exactly how this affects you, but if you employ anybody, we will request a note of your Employers Reference Number (ERN) which can be found on any letters or documentation you receive regarding your PAYE scheme

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