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2016 onwards, to be able to renew your registration with the GDC, you will be required todeclare that you have the necessary indemnity or insurance in place to cover you in your work.

This is not a new requirement - dental professionals have always been required to have appropriate indemnity arrangements in place so that patients can claim any compensation to which they may be entitled. This requirement is part of the Standards.

General Dental Council  are doing this as in July 2014 a law was passed meaning all registered healthcare professionals are now legally required to have indemnity cover.

In November 2015 they changed their registration rules so that dentists and dental care professionals applying for registration or restoration, and those renewing their registration each year, will need to tell the council that they have indemnity cover in place - or will have by the time they start practising.

This means you won't be able to register or renew your registration unless you confirm that you have, or will have, cover in appropriate indemnity in place for your work.

DCPs will have to make this declaration during their annual renewal period in June/July

Dentist will have to make this declaration during their annual renewal period in November/December 

If you do not have your own indemnity cover, for example you are covered under your employer’s policy, you will need to make sure you have, or can access, the details of the policy.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate cover for your scope of practice. If you are an employing dentist with DCPs covered under your policy, you will need to make the appropriate information available to them should they require it.

Information taken from General Dental Council website. 

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