Data Consent & GDPR

We know that you've received many dozens of emails asking for your opt-in consent to remain in contact. They started trickling in just a few months back, and increased, and increased, and increased some more and now you simply cannot wait until 25th May!  

No doubt with so many emails you are familiar with GDPR and data consent issues – (however, if not, we are happy to provide as much information as you need). It's all anyone seems to be talking about. You understand your rights, and we understand our obligations.  We promise to handle your contact details carefully, responsibly and securely. Click to read our Privacy Notice

When you do get an email from us (not more than once every few months usually) it will only be to let you know about information that might be relevant to you or discounts and special offers, but you will ALWAYS get the option to opt-out again. If you opt-out, we put a full stop on promotional emails to you - unless you later re-consent.

If you are already a client of ours then common sense applies here. We will remain in contact for the purposes of our existing business arrangements obviously, but ad hoc marketing or promotional emails will stop if you don't opt-in

If you would like to continue to be kept informed from time to time about news, general advice and information and to receive details on special offers and discounts, then please complete the OPT IN form below.  If you do not complete this it will be assumed you wish to opt out and we will no longer contact you.


Thanks, we will opt you in