Many businesses believe that a loss will never happen to them. The reality is that losses like the ones used in the case studies on this site, occur every day to businesses just like your Client's. Research shows that:

  • Every year 1 in 500 businesses will experience a severe disaster (McGladrey and Pullen)

  • 43% of businesses that experience disasters never re-open and 29% close within 2 years. (McGladrey and Pullen)


Those that do not have full business interruption insurance have a far greater chance of failing. Your client has invested a great deal in their businesses. Protect their investment, and offer the correct cover for Business Interruption Insurance and use this site to get it right! Have you met a business owner who never thought it would happen to them.  Will it be your client next? While this may sound trite, that many business managers and owners who see their businesses potentially ruined by a sudden loss never thought it would happen to them.  Due in part to the “It’ll never happen to me” attitude, over 90% of businesses that did not have business interruption insurance are likely to fail within two years, some as soon as a few weeks after the fire.


It is a simple fact that few businesses can afford the loss of earnings that accompany a physical loss to  premises, stock or equipment.


Business interruption insurance is an inexpensive way to protect the income of a business.


References: McGlardrey and Pullen (2007)

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