Become an Authorised Introducer 


Insure Easy is offering a fantastic oportunity to become an Introducer. This will mean for every policy that you introduce to us you will earn 10% of the NET Premium. We have illustrated some example below. We will not cap your earnings, so the more cover required the more you will earn. It really is as simple as that.


Below are a few examples of pertential earning for individual policies. 














*All examples are for demonstration purposes and do NOT determine the average policy prices. Terms and conditona apply. 

High Net worth Policy*

5 Bedroom House = £1100pa

Introducer Commission 10% = £110 

Fleet insurance Policy*

6 vehicles = £2500pa

Introducer Commission 10% = £250 

To become an introducer simply sign up and we will contact you with what to do next. 

Landlord insurance*

5 Houses = £2000pa

Introducer Commission 10% = £200